How to Manage Your Airtel Prepaid Number Online?

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మీ Airtel Prepaid నెంబర్‌ని ఆన్‌లైన్‌లో ఇలా మేనేజ్ చేసుకోండి Must Watch & Shareమీరు Airtel Prepaid సర్వీస్‌ని వాడుతుంటే.. బ్యాలెన్స్ ఎంక్వరీ

How to select Photoshop Tools? Telugu Photoshop Tutorial Lesson 6

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Lesson Number 6: How to select Photoshop ToolsTutorial Series Name: Telugu Photoshop TutorialsPresenter: Nallamothu Sridhar Editor

How to Use different OS in one Windows version? Telugu Full HD

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Do you need to run Linux, Mac, older versions Windows without leaving from Windows 7, 8, 8.1?By following

How to Create Fake Calls & SMS, Call Logs, SMS Logs?

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ఫ్రెండ్స్‌ని ఆటపట్టించడానికి Fake కాల్స్, SMSలు ఇలా సృష్టించొచ్చు...Must Watch & Shareమీ ఫ్రెండ్స్‌తో కూర్చుని స్పెండ్ చేస్తున్నప్పుడు మీకు ఫోన్ ఏదీ రాకపోయినా,

How to Remove Your Number from True Caller Database?

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ఇతరులు మిమ్మల్ని గుర్తించకుండా TrueCallerలో మీ నెంబర్ తీసేయాలనుకుంటున్నారా? Must Watch & Share వీడియో లింక్ ఇది: మనం తెలీని వారికి ఫోన్ చేసిన వెంటనే వాళ్లు మన ఏకంగా మన...

4 Best Android Smartphones under Rs. 20000

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We love smartphones, but we can invest upto certain amount of money. Recent times there are lot of high end

Plan Doctor Consultation with Ease Wonderful Android Application

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Waiting for Doctor consultation is very boring task. We have to wait long hours if we don't plan for it.

Must Watch : Type Telugu Hindi Tamil Kannada in Android Mobile phone Full HD

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Do you want to type Indian, other foreign languages in your Android based cellphone? In this video demonstration I am

Computer Era How to – Block Websites to increase Productivity?

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We love to spend time on Facebook, Google+, twitter etc.. But sometimes they become completely time busters.We must

Computer Era How to – Speedup Firefox for better Performance?

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Undoubtedly Firefox's best browser with plenty of options, but over the period of time Firefox becomes least responsive. Most of

How to Automatically Alert Your Family Members When Your Battery Down?

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మీ ఫోన్‌లో బ్యాటరీ అయిపోతోందా? మీ ఫ్యామిలీ మెంబర్స్‌ని ఆటోమేటిక్‌గా ఇలా అలర్ట్ చేయండి Must Watch & Shareవీడియో లింక్ ఇది:పని మీద మీరు బయటకు వెళ్లినప్పుడు ఏ క్షణమైనా మీ ఫ...

Cloud Storage Safe or Not?

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Cloud Storage సర్వీసుల్లో డేటా సేఫ్‌గా ఉంటుందా? Must Watch & Share వీడియో లింక్ ఇది: Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox లాంటి Cloud Storage సర్వీసుల్లోకి మనం అప్ లోడ్ చే...

How to Backup Data Automatically to Various Drives Full HD

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How to Backup data Automatically to Different Folders Full HDRegularly we store lot of valuable data in our

Say goodbye to Virus and Formatting : Must Watch and Share Full HD

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PC users frequently formats system because of virus problems. No anti-virus software provide 100% protection. After watching this video you

Write C, C++ Programs in Windows 7 Must Watch Full HD

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Many of the Engineering students who has C, C++ in their academic syllabus stick to Windows XP Only. You

How to Find Your Windows Product Key? Full HD

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If you're preparing to reinstall Windows 7 or 8 you will need to locate your unique Microsoft Windows product key