Airtel and Aircel 3G Speeds Comparison HD Must Watch Demo

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Recently Indian mobile users are widely using 3G plans from various Mobile operators like Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone, Docomo etc.

Photoshop upcoming versions not for Win XP

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Compared to Windows XP Windows 8, 7, Vista are more efficient in terms of resources consumption. Memory management is optimized

Life Skills – Reasons for our Mental Tensions

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We lost our mental peace. Every second in our life became battle with fellow human beings. We complain about people.

Unlock your Phone with Face Android Ice Cream Sandwich Demo Must Watch Full HD

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In this video demonstration I explained how to use Face Unlock feature in Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

How to Remove Duplicate Contacts in Phonebook?

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మీ ఫోన్ నిండా డూప్లికేట్ కాంటాక్టులు పేరుకుపోయాయా? డూప్లికేట్స్‌ని ఇలా క్లీన్ చేసుకోండి - Must Watch & Share వీడియో లింక్ ఇది: దాదాపు మనందరి ఫోన్లలోనూ ఒకటే నెంబర్ రకరక...

How to Watch 4K Videos in Youtube Android App?

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Youtube మొబైల్ యాప్‌లో 4K వీడియోలు ఎలా చూడాలి?.. Must Watch & Share వీడియో లింక్ ఇది: Youtube 4K వీడియోల్ని మొబైల్‌లోనూ చూసే అవకాశాన్ని త్వరలో అందరికీ అందుబాటులోకి తీస...

How to Use Your Phone as Scanner?

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మీ ఫోన్‌తో ఇంపార్టెంట్ డాక్యుమెంట్లు ఇలా స్కాన్ చేసుకోండి - Must Watch & Share వీడియో లింక్ ఇది: ఆధార్ కార్డులు మొదలుకుని డ్రైవింగ్ లైసెన్సులు, PAN కార్డులు, మార్కుల ల...

How to Hide WhatsApp Last Seen Information Full HD

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How to Hide WhatsApp Last Seen InformationWhatsAppలో లాస్ట్ టైమ్ మీరెప్పుడు చూశారో అవతలి వారికి తెలీకూడదా? Must Watch & Share<br

Computer Era How to – Speedup Firefox for better Performance?

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Undoubtedly Firefox's best browser with plenty of options, but over the period of time Firefox becomes least responsive. Most of

Block Installed Applications to Run Windows Tip

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Most of the times when leaving the computer you just need to disable access to specific programs installed in your

Solve All Your Printer Problems with One Click

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Small Offices and Home PC users are using printers ranging from Dotmatrix, Inkjet, Laserjet etc. for various documentation an photo

Track your Stolen Cellphone.. Best solution ever Full HD

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We love sophisticated mobile phones. But we don't take care of their security. That's why thousands of cellphones are being

How to Get Same Volume for All Songs While Listening?

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అన్ని పాటలూ ఒకటే వేల్యూమ్‌లో ప్లే అయితే బాగుండు అనుకుంటున్నారా?...Must Watch & Shareపాటలంటే చాలామందికి ఇష్టం. అయితే పాటలు వినేటప్పుడు కొన్ని పాటలు

Windows Tip : How to hide optional updates from Windows Update? Full HD Nallamothu

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When we try to find latest updates for our Windows operating system, Windows Update usually shows optional updates also along

Are you Facing Wireless Disconnections Tutorial

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To share internet across various devices like laptops, pcs, mobile phones, tablets and smart tvs we use wireless routers. Routers

Computer Era How to – Secure your Computer with Java Version Check?

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All of us use PC, Laptop for various purposes. While browsing websites in computers most of the websites need Java