How to Access Google Beta Channel Updates?

Google Search App plays crucial role in any Android phone. Most of the times we overlook the power of this search app. In recent past Google improved search app’s functionality in many aspects. In continued efforts to design it more productive few hours back Google launched official beta channel for the Android Google app. By… Read More »

Pen Drive Write Protection Errors? Solutions Here

Sometimes while trying to copy data into the Pen drive, there will be a warning message saying.. “This disk is write protected. Remove the write protection or use another disk” People becomes panic after seeing this, because they didn’t set any protection mechanism. Number of reasons leads to this sort of problems. “Computer Era” will explain in detail.… Read More »

How to Pair your Smart TV to Mobile?

Do you have Smart TV in your home? Then you can pair your Android phone with the TV and enjoy desired Youtube videos on the big screen. Actually every smart TV has built in Youtube application. But it’s hard to search for videos through TV remote. Simply by pairing your smartphone with the Smart TV,… Read More »

How to Delete Google Maps History?

Whenever you searched any location in the Google Maps, it automatically saves in the Google Maps History. Not only searched location but also the places you visited, shared locations also stored in the History. Sometimes this is useful while browsing the Google Maps, but because of privacy reasons you may feel to clear this location… Read More »

Get Android 6.0 features right now in your phone

Recently Google released Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for it’s Nexus devices. Phone companies like Samsung, Sony, HTC and others didn’t officially announced their plans to release Android 6.0 for their existing models. Almost all manufacturers willing to update their flagship devices. There is no certainty for older devices. In this context here “Computer Era” providing… Read More »