When to Sleep – Interesting Website Must Watch Full HD

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Many of us want to sleep as little as possible—or feel like we have to. There are so many things

GVR Aaradhana Telugu TV Anchor Awards 2013 Part 4

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Here you can Watch GVR Aaradhana Telugu TV Anchor Awards 2013 which are celebrated today (15th May 2013) and captured

How to Save Printer Ink Usage Telugu Full HD

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How to Save Printer Ink Usage

Computer Era How to – Root Android Phones? Telugu HD

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Regularly I am getting messages from Computer Era Magazine readers asking about how to root Android phones and tablets. Every

How to Stop Apps Auto Updates in Android Phones?

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మీ ఫోన్లో Apps వాటంతట అవే Update అవుతూ ఫోన్ స్టోరేజ్ తగ్గిపోతోందా?Must Watch & Shareవీడియో లింక్ ఇది: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkicV1suktwఆండ్రాయిడ్ ఫోన్లలో మనం ఇన్‌స్టాల్ చేసుకునే అనేక అప్లికేషన్లు నెట్ కన...

Computer Era – How to Save a Wet Cellphone? Telugu Full HD

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If you've ever dropped your phone in water, you've come to the right place. Here's a step-by-step guide on how

How to Measure Your Heart Rate with Android App? Full HD

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How to Measure your Heart Rate with Android Application?You have lots of options to measure your heart rate.

How to Lock iPhone Applications?

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iPhoneలో అప్లికేషన్లు లాక్ చేసుకోవడం ఇలా.. - Must Watch & Share వీడియో లింక్ ఇది: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvxXr1jwq5M Android ఫోన్లలో అప్లికేషన్లని లాక్ చేసుకోగలిగే విధంగా iOSలో సాధ్యపడదు. అలాగని iPhoneల...

How to Avoid DVD Writing Faliure Full HD

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Sometimes even if we use quality media purchased from popular brands DVDs tend to fail. Various factors leads to this

Say goodbye to Virus and Formatting : Must Watch and Share Full HD

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PC users frequently formats system because of virus problems. No anti-virus software provide 100% protection. After watching this video you

How to Get Same Volume for All Songs While Listening?

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అన్ని పాటలూ ఒకటే వేల్యూమ్‌లో ప్లే అయితే బాగుండు అనుకుంటున్నారా?...Must Watch & Shareపాటలంటే చాలామందికి ఇష్టం. అయితే పాటలు వినేటప్పుడు కొన్ని పాటలు

Careful with Memory Card Purchases

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We regularly use different types of Memory cards for Smartphones, Tablets, Digital Camera. Memory card performance usually measured in 2

How to execute any Program from Windows Run Box Full HD

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If I had to choose my favorite feature of Windows, I'd name it the Run command dialog. This

How to Set Your Photo as Pen Drive Icon?

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We can set our own images or logos as icons for removable drives like USB Flash drive, external hard disk

How to Block Websites with Firewall Simple procedure Full HD

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Sometimes we want to block few websites in our computer. I explained hosts file modification procedure earlier. If you feel

How to View Contents of ZIP & RAR Files Before Downloading?

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నెట్ నుండి ZIP, RAR ఫైళ్లు డౌన్‌లోడ్ చేసే ముందే వాటిలో ఏమేం ఉన్నాయో ఇలా ఛెక్ చేసుకోవచ్చు.. Must Watch & Shareఇంటర్నెట్‌లో